Types of Boatssmall yacht cruising

Written by: Marina Nazario Morgan

There’s an unmatched excitement to waking up early on a Saturday to pack the boat with coolers, floats, and snorkel gear before heading out for a relaxing day on the water. You can go anywhere — the local sandbar, a reef off the coast, or a waterfront restaurant. When you own a boat, the world is truly your oyster.

Cruisers are a category of boats that are well-suited for family outings, watersports, or fishing. 

They generally have an open helm and cockpit area to accommodate comfortable seating and promote socializing. Depending on the size (which might range from 35 to 50 feet) and model, cruisers may be equipped with a full head, galley, and cabin with two to six berths. These types of boats are perfect for bringing friends or family along for boating in freshwater lakes or along the coasts. 

While cruisers are a broad category of boats that may include runabouts, deck boats, power catamarans, express cruisers, pontoons, or cabin cruisers, there are some valuable features they all have in common. Here are the top three benefits of owning a cruiser boat. 

Unbeatable Versatility  

Cruisers are well-rounded boats that can be used for different purposes. You can cruise to your favorite destination, fish off the side, snorkel or scuba dive from the swim platform, or entertain guests. Some cruisers are towable, some are not. Some support an inboard engine, others have outboard engines. Some are perfect for lake life, others are built for longer passages. A cruiser’s versatility is one of its best features as you can adapt the boat to fit your needs. No matter its purpose, cruisers provide safe water transportation.

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Shallow Draft 

A boat’s draft will determine where you’re able to explore. For instance, The Bahamas and Florida’s Gulf Coast are notorious for shallow waters. So that adds a level of caution to boats with drafts over 3.5 feet. Cruisers generally have drafts of around 2.5 to 3.5 feet. So if your playground is boating on the beautiful west coast of Florida, this type of boat may be your best (and safest) option. 

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Comforts of Home  

Most cabin cruisers are equipped with generators, water tanks, galleys, heads, and air conditioning. These features provide boaters with the comforts of home while being on the water. For example, you could enjoy a weekend getaway without having to come back to port. You can travel to your favorite marina resort, visit other destinations on the coast, or spend a few peaceful days relaxing on the water. The possibilities are endless.

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A boat in the cruiser category is perfect for those who are keen to explore (with or without family or friends) while also having the creature comforts of home. The versatility of cruisers makes them suitable for a range of boaters — from first-time owners to veteran owners — as they are safe and easy to handle. With a cruiser boat, you can travel through different waterways and arrive at popular destinations without being hindered by depth. They may just be the best boats for cruising with family and friends!

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