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Fueled by passion, dedication to each other and the willingness to help others Reel Heroes Fishing Inc was founded Active Duty and Retired Military personnel who along with a passion for fishing started going on yearly fishing trips, they soon found out these fishing trips were more about sharing special moments with each other rather than fishing. More and more active duty, veterans and other military branches wanted to join the fishing trips. Thats when Reel Heroes Fishing Inc came to life, Reel Heroes Fishing gives veterans the opportunity to be with other veterans, laugh, and remember old times providing a mental break from everything, even if it’s just for one day these veterans can enjoy the day. Nonprofit Taking Veterans Fishing


Reel Heroes Fishing Inc is a Veteran Nonprofit Organization dedicated to helping fellow veterans and active duty personnel find brethren support, mental health support & healing while fishing or being outdoors. Our non-profit is focused on providing a safe, welcoming and therapeutic environment so that all veterans can laugh, smile and feel that camaraderie they all miss, even if it’s for just one day.

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The staff at Reel Heroes Fishing Inc are Active or retired military veteran volunteers who want to give back to our military veterans. None of their staff are paid employees and all are eager to help fellow veterans. Any donation made goes a long way to helping Veterans.

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