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Pier One Yacht Sales has multiple offices on the Southwest Florida coast with our newest location in Key West, Florida. We are committed to exceeding your expectations as a great full-service yacht brokerage. We have access to yacht listings worldwide and can help you find the sailboat or power boat of your dreams!

Helping Residents Buy and Sell
Their Boats of Any Size
Since 2004

Pier One Yacht Sales sells pre-owned power and sail boats. No matter what type or size of boat you are looking for, let our professional team research our Worldwide Network and find you the best deal for the best boat that fits your needs for now and in the years to come. Pier One Yacht Sales is a member of the International Yacht Brokers Association, the Southwest Florida Marine Industries Association and the Marine Industries Association of Collier County – and can ship your boat worldwide. If you are looking to sell your boat, whether it is power or sail, Pier One Yacht Sales can not only help you determine the best possible selling price for your vessel, but we can market it through our worldwide network and advertising resources. We put our industry relationships to work for you.

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Our Brands

At the helm of a powerful boat skimming across the water… your next car should be a YACHT.

You want a yacht and you are determined to make it happen… How do you get from here to there? Who is going to help?

How can you find the perfect yacht - the EXACT RIGHT boat for you?

Is this going to become a huge project? Who can help you navigate your way around scams and other pitfalls?

Young man driving a boat.
Couple on Yacht looking over side

You’ve got a picture in your mind of salt, sunshine, and laughter.

Once your mind gets going on the details... storage, transport, insurance, licensing, taxes, chartering, maintenance, crews and service... you know you need someone to guide you.

If you’ve got connections in the area, you’ll probably find yourself talking with a broker at Pier One Yacht Sales.

So, let’s get you from
Point A – your living room to
Point B –the Gulf of Mexico.

Let's do this!

Picture yourself on your boat — what will you be doing? Fishing, sunbathing, popping champagne with friends?

Contact us today and the search is on for the EXACT RIGHT boat for you!

When we spot a winner and you check it out, we can make an offer and take it out for a trial run.

We’ll keep you informed while we take care of all the details — storage, transport, insurance, licensing, taxes, chartering — get the deal closed and the boat transported.

It’s time to do an orientation and take it out for a spin.

Now that you've found a perfect spot for the cooler and texted pictures to all your pals, it’s time to beach hop!

You’re not just A BOATER…
you're the boater with the perfect yacht.

Introducing Mike Mullinger…

Propelling Pier One Yacht Sales to the forefront of the maritime industry.

Thumbnail of video of Mike Mullinger, Owner of Pier One Yacht Sales
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Meet Mike, your water-loving guru with 30 years of expertise in all things boating. Growing up boating and fishing in the Midwest, Mike fused his passion with his career in Ft. Myers… Read more of Mike's profile

As the dedicated owner of this esteemed yacht brokerage business, Mike oversees a cadre of over 50 accomplished yacht brokers. Under his guidance, Pier One Yacht Sales has already solidified partnerships with renowned brands like Hussar Yachts and Pedigree Catamarans.

Quickly becoming the hub for the local yachting community, Pier One has recently released this innovative online platform that will redefine convenience. Enthusiasts can explore boat listings, secure financing, and shop for parts and accessories with ease — all on our website.

This digital accomplishment mirrors Mike's commitment to offering state-of-the-art solutions including eco-friendly solar boats.

With Pier One Yacht Sales on this steadfast course, Mike Mullinger is shaping the future of yachting lifestyle.

Our Locations

Fishermen's Village

Punta Gorda, Florida

Aerial view of Fishermen's Village

(941) 639-7777

Burnt Store Marina

Punta Gorda, Florida

Sailboat in front of Burnt Store Marina

(941) 637-7788

Palm Harbour Marina

Cape Haze, Florida

Pool View of Boats at Palm Harbour Marina in Cape Haze, Florida

(941) 697-7777

St. Petersburg
Municipal Marina

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg Municipal Marina

300 2ND AVE SE
(727) 317-5678

Key West

Key West, Florida

View of Mallory Square Pier, the adjacent marina and commercial center with the city of Key West, Florida in the background

(941) 639-7777


Daniel Baldwin, Yacht Broker at St. Petersburg Municipal Marina

I am a very detailed person and a professional with a case of OCD when it comes to doing things well. It’s no surprise that my yacht purchase experience with Clint Johnson was spot on! We connected early on with …

Daniel Baldwin

May 29, 2021

Kevin, thank you so much for all you have done through our purchase. We are taking the boat from Ft. Myers to Delaware. If you are ever up our way, please come visit! (39 Tiara Buyers)

Tim & Dawn W.

August 22, 2023

From the start, Clint was responsive and reliable. He went above and beyond for all of our needs. Shopping for a boat in Florida from Colorado isn’t easy, but with Clint is was a breeze. He even went to the …

Brittany Jones

January 5, 2021

Please wish my well wishes to the new owners. Hope we catch up with them in a year of so down in Key West, we will be looking for them 🙂 Thanks again for all you have done and we’ll …

Ron A.

August 22, 2023

Clint did a great job selling our boat. He promptly got it listed with excellent pictures which gave lots of detail on the boat. He was able to quickly get us a contract with a well qualified buyer. Setting up …

B & D

August 29, 2021

I appreciate all your efforts in making this as easy as it could be. All the best to you!! Good Luck to you in your work…you do a great job and I appreciate it!

Joanne M

March 1, 2022
Scuba diver under water

Clint made the yacht buying process flow like water for us. Communication was top notch, he has a great knowledge of sailboats, and his honesty and empathy are unmatched. While being a true professional, Clint felt more like a friend …

Brandon Williams

April 29, 2020

We purchased a boat through Joe Onofrio and Pier One Yacht Sales in April of 2023. We live in MD, the boat was in Punta Gorda, Florida. Joe made this distance manageable via a virtual tour and more. He also, …

Reed Perry

May 11, 2023


WARNING "Somotherbroker" can be harmful to your happiness.


WARNING "Someotherbroker" can be harmful to your happiness.

If you love boating, Somotherbroker may be right for you. Side effects of buying a boat with Somotherbroker include buyer’s remorse, lingering regret, resentment, feeling ripped off or litigious. Tell your yacht broker if you notice a major problem with your boat, general unhappiness, consistent feelings of envy when seeing other boats cruise by, marital discord, déjà vu from the last time you fixed this, or embarrassingly slow speeds in open water. If Somotherbroker doesn’t work for you, Pier One may be able to help. Call us at (941) 639-7777 or email us at Sales@PierOneYachtSales.com.