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Hussar Cormorant 55 R.A.V. Yacht - Side View

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Hussar, a name associated with fearlessness and innovation, represents a legacy of Polish warriors who dominated the battlefield for centuries. Inspired by their boldness, we carry forward their spirit by revolutionizing the yachting experience. Our mission is to provide exceptional designs at factory direct prices, enhancing performance and ownership. Partnering with Yamaha and Mercury, we ensure superior products for our clients. Crafted with expert Polish craftsmanship, Hussar Yachts feature lightweight yet robust hulls, delivering unparalleled ride comfort, fuel efficiency, and ample space. Our outboard engines prioritize convenience and enjoyment, minimizing maintenance and maximizing aquatic adventures.

Lower Fuel Consumption

By having lighter boats, less engine power is necessary to sustain speeds. This goal is accomplished through the utilization of superior and lightweight materials to decrease the overall weight of the hulls. Additionally, lighter boats enable greater capacity for accommodating individuals and cargo compared to similar models.

Maintenance Costs

By integrating outboard engines and ensuring easy access to all maintenance areas, the manufacturer significantly reduces the time required for basic tasks, thereby lowering ownership costs. The strategic partnerships with Yamaha and Mercury contribute to cost savings that are passed on to the buyer.


Poland, known for its craftsmanship, excels in boat, sailboat, and luxury yacht development. They produce top-quality hulls and interiors with Polish expertise. Upholstery comes from renowned professionals in France, Italy, and Hungary. Engines, electronics, and assembly are done in the US, boosting consumer pride.

Added Space

The company’s boats outshine competitors with larger, more comfortable decks and interiors. Updated hull designs minimize drag, increase buoyancy, and provide an amazing ride. Surprisingly, their hull sizes feel equivalent to boats 30% larger, astonishing visitors.


Customers enjoy factory direct pricing, thanks to the company’s unique bespoke order model that eliminates unnecessary costs and passes on the savings to the consumer. Similar to Tesla’s dealership approach, the company aims to offer a streamlined experience. By forming strategic local alliances and utilizing Yamaha motors, they not only provide customized choices but also deliver a superior product at a more affordable price point.