Most charter yachts are equipped with tenders and water toys that are there for your enjoyment. They can provide you, your children and your guests with hours of fun in water. If you are anchored out, the crew may already have launched and have waiting for you the toys in the water before wake up. However, before you take that Jet Ski or Tender for a spin, it’s important to check with the Captain if it’s okay. If you are not familiar with a certain “Toy”, one of the crew members will give you an orientation first to help you. Depending on what part of the world you are in, some areas may require a boating safety session for everyone before they can use the tenders and toys. If you are into Diving let your Charter Specialist know. They will be able to check if the yacht is equipped for this or make arrangements for somebody to meet you out at the yacht who knows the best areas for Diving.

It’s important to remember that laws around the world are different. Your Captain and crew are aware of the rules governing watercraft in different ports. So please don’t blame the crew if certain toys are stowed away while in a certain port. A Port of Call means there are always plenty of things to do and see. Take advantage of it.

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