Originally from Colorado, Brittany owned and operated two hair salons but had always dreamed of trading the corporate lifestyle for her dream life of living on a sailboat. In 2020 she decided that life is too short not to be doing what you want to do all the time. And for her, that meant being on the water in the Florida Keys. In 2021 Brittany and her husband Matt purchased a boat through Pier One Yacht Sales and followed that dream down to the end of the road in Key West, FL.

Having worked in the service industry for a lifetime and owning multiple businesses of her own spanning over eight years, Brittany knows world-class customer service like the back of her hand, a vibe you can pick up from just spending 2 minutes with her. As far as boats, Brittany has been on and around them her entire life – from power boats on Lake Havasu in Arizona to her new life and career sailing The Florida Keys as a mate and chef for Bluesail Charters as she works toward earning her US Coast Guard Captain License.

Her response was simple regarding what drove her to partner with Bluesail and Pier One. She said, “I chose Bluesail for their amazing customer service and integrity, and after purchasing my own boat through Pier One Yacht Sales, I know firsthand their customer-first approach and how seamless of a process they make everything. Bringing my passion and experience together alongside these two organizations seemed like the perfect fit to help others achieve their dreams the way I did”.

Brittany is excited to share her passions for customer service and boating and looks forward to working with you to help achieve your boating dreams.

Brittany Jones – Broker

Perry Hotel and Marina

7005 Shrimp Road