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Eric Forster

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I got bit by the sailing bug when I was in my early teens in Southern California on my Uncles Formosa 56, Lost Soul. I remember the fist time I was out on a sailboat with my uncle many years back. The first time was a smaller boat (a Catalina 30 I found out), and I loved the feeling of how it felt like we were gliding across the water. Then I got to go out on his 68-foot Katch, that was something amazing. I can still remember how the boat felt loose as we motored out past the brake water, then the sails went up and we fell off! The way the deck and rigging seemed to come alive and tighten up as we turned to catch the wind and sail. All that could be heard when the motor was cut was the wind, waves, and soft classical music that he always put on when the sails went up. A feeling that is still there every time the sails go up today. After Michele and I bought our boat and moved to the West Coast of Florida 2021, I decided that I wanted to help others find and live their dreams on the water. What better way than to become a boat broker to help find their dream boat.

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