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Bill Hinkelman

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Bill Hinkleman's journey is a tapestry woven with a deep affinity for boats. His origins trace back to Long Island's Great South Bay, where he cultivated a love for the sea while clamming with his first boat. Osprey, Florida became his haven in 1976, a time when the crystal-clear Sarasota Bay and the allure of Midnight Pass defined paradise. His Navy stint in Guantanamo Bay saw him craft a 30' barrel boat with ingenuity and an arc welder, a testament to his resourcefulness. Post-Navy, Bill's intellectual pursuits led to a sociology degree, his thesis exploring the "Deskilling of Labor in the Boat Building Industry." The Islamorada circuit beckoned during college, intertwining with the launch of his I.T. venture. The call of the Bahamas led him to Jupiter, Florida, triggering a series of sportfishing vessel ownerships, each a canvas for his mastery of diesel engines, outboards, and more. Bill's maritime proficiency culminated in a 100-Ton Coast Guard License and towing certification, mirroring his abiding fishing addiction. A shift from I.T. to Punta Gorda Isles in 2021 marked a turning point. Bill's mission is to marry people with vessels, aligning dreams with boats.

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